Our Qualifications

PONNY preschool provides its own pre-school educational program which is based on the RVP of  the CZECH MINISTRY of EDUCATION and is extended with NTC method, preschool preparation every day, speech therapy and English language.

Mgr. Martina Drtílková MBA is the Guarantor of PONNY educational program. Her knowledge and experience is drawn from studies at Masaryk University in Brno, from the practice of being a teacher at an elementary school and from long-term English language teaching.
Martina Drtílková has prepared special methodological courses accredited by the MINISTRY of EDUCATION for teaching teachers in the field of English language. The last few years she deals with the correct development of children at the pre-school age aimed at prevention of specific learning disorders. She participates in lectures of MUDr. Joseph Jonas and tries to convert the acquired knowledge into practice. She also organizes lectures for parents in the area of an impact of a diet and physical exercise on a child´s brain development. She works out materials for English language teaching in kindergartens with usage of NTC method elements.

We use NTC method in a cooperation with the MENSA of the CZECH REPUBLIC, we take part in regular trainings, MENSA conferences and share our knowledge and experience. NTC method lies in the development of an overall child´s personality. PONNY NTC method includes exercises (gymnastics, tennis, swimming), eye exercises, development of logical and abstract thinking via working on projects, working with flags and other symbols, solving puzzles and playing logical games.

We appreciate a cooperation with AMATE (Association of Teacher Educators), whose training and courses are primarily a motivation for us not to be afraid to do things differently than most others do.