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Martina Drtílková: Učíme se, když překonáváme překážky,

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Thank you for preparing our son for the first grade. We are very happy that our decision to entrust Nikola to care of the Ponny team was the right one and one of the best.

The teachers and the management of the kindergarten regularly informed us about the preschool preparation at Ponny and therefore we were able to work on everything gradually step by step.

Nikol was successfully enrolled in a bilingual class at elementary school on Mendel Square. We are very happy that our son has such a great start in his life.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunanyan

We would like to thank you and the entire Ponny team for the very helpful approach to our Julinka and us that you showed this year. We really liked the Christmas party, we could see with our own eyes how nice the teacher treats the children and how well our daughter can work with them. It was very touching. Big thanks!

Thank you also for your kindness in approaching Julinka's problems with the kindergarten during May and June. Those three months at home have benefited her during the summer and now we are very happy to hear from her in the morning when she gets dressed that she can't wait beng in the kindergarten, she enjoys it really very much.

We wish you and the entire Ponny team a beautiful Christmas full of family well-being and peace and all the best in 2022!

Jana and Tom Raputovi

I'd like to thank very much Ponny English Preschool for preparing my son for primary school attendance, for English language teaching and for most friendly approach to both children and parents.

Tomášek attended the preschool from his early age for a period of 4 years. Therefore we have a lot what can be evaluated.

It was a pleasure for me to take Tomášek to PONNY and pick him up. I was always welcomed with a smile. Every day I had detailed information what the kids did, what they learned and what they should have improved. It had a huge influence on my son development.  I always knew all the things the kids did and was able to share it with my son, to talk about it. What is more at the end of each week we received a written report summarizing the weekly activities of my son at the preschool. I must say that the cooperation between PONNY and our family was at the highest level. I appreciate this very much.

Tomášek loved going to PONNY, it often happened he didn't even want to go home. I was glad to be involved in everyday preschool life. We could participate in PONNY activities or had a chance to see what was happening via short video spots that PONNY does quite often. PONNY also prepared events for parents and kids to spend a day together (i.e. Mothers' or Fathers ‘days, Easter Egg Hunt, Olympic Games, Fairy Forest, Kites flying, Halloween, Christmas gingerbread baking, etc.). And so we got to know all the kids, we made friends with their parents, it was really fine. The friendship persists up to these days. I loved the Christmas Parties and PONNY parties at the end of the school year. The children could show to their parents what they had learned, they always acted wonderful performances and had experience how to present themselves in front of a big audience.

I never had a feeling that "we just let our son somewhere for babysitting". Tomášek had always a rich interesting program. Thanks to the individual approach, different projects, playing sports and healthy food Tomášek was a happy and satisfied boy. He had there lots of friends, he celebrated his birthday with them and even today he meets them.

PONNY preschool operates all the year except for Christmas so there was no need to search for a substitute kindergarten during summer and other holidays when most kindergartens are closed. My son did not have to change the environment and teachers. In summer there were always extra trips for the kids i.e. Brno airport, ZOO, mini golf, outdoor swimming pool, a cruise on a steamboat, traffic playground etc.

During a school year the kids at PONNY have regular week activities. In addition to music and art clubs which were organized at the kindergarten, the kids also go to tennis, swimming and gymnastics lessons at nearby sport facilities where they are taught by qualified trainers. The safety of children is always properly ensured. The kids are given a variety of activities to be developed not only physically but also musically, artistically and socially. They are not limited with one building to stay there all the day or with a sandpit in the garden, vice versa,  they learn how to behave in a tram, in a park, in museums, tennis courts and other  environment. The kids love to be a part of so interesting world around them and then they are able to consider all the things as a normal part of their life.

A huge advantage of PONNY is its position. It is located in a beautiful green area of Brno on Kraví hora near the Wilson´s forest, 5 minutes from the centre which allows the kids to visit cultural performances in the centre of Brno. I also appreciate very comfortable free parking just in front of the preschool.

I have to highlight also the educational circle times, every day preschool preparation, a speech therapy regularly once a week and very interesting working with the smart board, which offers the kids another possibilities of fun, work and exercises. Every Friday the kids work on projects related to topics such as environment, travelling round the world, European States, national flags, dishes or other attractions. Everything is of course in English language. The kids are taught also geographical knowledge of European states. The kids have their own flag on their lockers as their own symbol for their personal staff. Since then my son "loves" Norway (it was his flag) and plans to visit it.

Finally the most important for me is English language. PONNY is an English preschool and therefore the kids speak English all the day during all the activities (in the gym, while eating, playing or having a rest). However, the child may not necessarily speak English when starting attendance at PONNY. Thanks to a small number of children the kids are given individual approach. Teachers speak English, so even children are not ashamed to communicate in English. It is amazing how quickly the kids can improve in a foreign language!

When I was looking for a nice preschool for my son, first I preferred a state preschool where the education should be guaranteed and I thought that my son had to learn Czech language first because living in the Czech republic. Today I'm glad that I left these considerations and that I just chose PONNY for Tomášek. The preschool fully adapted to needs of my son and to me. An interesting program, lots of activities, friendly family atmosphere, individual approach and language training brought a great development to my son and prepared him for very successful start at a primary school. Here I can see and appreciate how wide knowledge my son has, how communicative and skillful he is and mainly how he loves all the new information.

Both my son and me loved being at PONNY and therefore we now very welcomed an opportunity to continue in a language education there. We are pleased we can be at PONNY several time a week, we can meet our friends and share all our thoughts and feelings. Thanks to our PONNY I can confirm the opinion that language learning should start as soon as possible. No doubts.

I'm glad that I can in this way to say many thanks to all the staff of PONNY English preschool for their excellent work.

JUDr. Kateřina Mrázová, Ph.D.

I'd like to thank PONNY preschool. My sons (6 and 4,5 years old) attended the preschool during this summer holiday. We were very satisfied. I really appreciate the professional approach of Mrs Directress and all the teachers, I must thank for both organizational and human abilities, for lots of fun and entertainment.

First day I was worried a bit about how my boys would handle the new situation and how they would be able to understand the whole communication in English. Finally I must say there was no problem. Due to the small number of children it was possible for the teachers to have enough time for my boys, they repeated and explained everything when the boys seemed not to understand perfectly. The boys became quickly accustomed to.

Even for a relative short period of time the boys learned an enormous amount of new vocabulary, songs and rhymes. The contribution of English communication was great.

I was very satisfied with the program as well. The children are scheduled each day for activities - yoga, drawing, singing, tennis and regularly went on tours every Wednesday. I was surprised with the quantity of new ideas.

Last but not least I really appreciate a nice, professional and responsive access of all aunties. My boys made new friends and talked about them all the time at home.

I'm really glad the boys could attend summer school and they are already looking forward to next summer.

Thank You.

JUDr. Kristina Šnajderová

Dear headmistress, I would like to thank you for the care that you and the "aunties" devoted to my kids. My son Darek in his two years taught to eat on his own, clean up the toys. Is happy in all PONNY activities there, loves painting. I was surprised how nice the older children behave to him and how watch him carefully.

My daughter Adinka is fond of dancing and songs. We still have to sing at home. I didn't expect that after a month of using English at preschool she is able to tell me something in English at home as well. We all like the kindergarten. Only our grandmother sometimes does not understand.

Mgr. Bc. Ivana Procházková

Long time we were looking for a preschool that would meet our high demands. We are both fully busy, so we wanted to give our daughter Adélka to preschool as soon as possible. Finally we chose Ponny and first said good-bye to our little angel in the morning for a few hours when Adélka was 2 and a half year. Of course we were worried, the foreign environment, ... and if Adélka would miss us. Finally, it was vice versa, we missed her. Adélka accustomed there very quickly. We are convinced that all the activities that children do in the kindergarten lead to positive development, as we could really see. After a few weeks at the nursery she began to speak simple English and now after four years she speaks English fluently.

Staněk family

Our daughter attended PONNY in years 2000-2003. The kindergarten prepared her properly for a primary school. We were more than satisfied with PONNY, I must say we had no reason whatsoever to think about any change. PONNY met our expectations regarding the day care for more than 100%. Our daughter now speaks fluent English and at the primary school she immediately began to learn other languages. Now, thanks to PONNY English kindergarten she can fluently speaks three languages. If you hesitate as parents where to give your child to preschool, so I really recommend the ENGLISH KINDERGARTEN. PONNY will prepare your child for life with language skills, which is very necessary these days.

Petra Nezvalová

Our Christopher is so happy in the kindergarten. It happens very often he doesn't want to go home. Kindergarten is set in a quiet area of villas and the interior is fully adapted to the children needs. New toys are available to children, everything there develops their creativity and patience. Of course, the most helpful is always smiling staff, I appreciate their approach. The weekly program has lots of activities both inside and outside. Whole-day communication in English is excellent. It is amazing to see and hear how they improve quickly.

Thanks all the "AUNTIES" for their uniqueness and wish you happy and smiling children.

Světlana Kostelná

PONNY was a great oportunity for both my children. They enjoyed it and learned a lot of new, mainly English language. Were well prepared for school attendance. I appreciated tennis and swimming lessons with the instructors, my daughter is not afraid of water any more. Great! Go ahead!

Thanh Ha Pham

I was satisfied with everything at PONNY preschool. Oli was happy there and had many friends. She loved drawing, has improved rapidly in that actually. It was a pity we could not stay there longer and had to leave back for Turkey. Thank all the team! We had really enoyed it.

Oliwia Aniol

PONNY has not been the first preschool experience for our son Daniel, so we can compare. Limited number of kids in a class, perfect location, friendly international culture and great range of activities for the kids - these were the reasons for us to choose PONNY. Now, what we appreciate on PONNY the most is the level of control and the amount of feedback we have: daily activity schedule is communicated well in advance, so we can get Daniel ready for each day and he has something specific to look forward each morning. It is great to have a chance to watch pictures and videos from most daily activities online almost instantly. And the weekly individual written reports are as much important feedback on Daniel's behaviour and progress as fun to read sometimes. But most importantly, PONNY is the place where Daniel goes every morning with a smile.

Vladimir Salovsky

Dear Martina, We would like thank you for giving Stellan an excellent time during his stay at Ponny last summer. He really enjoyed it and learned a lot. He became more confident and his motoric skills improved. Stellan loved the aunties and still talks about the things he did at Ponny.

We really appreciated the good children/staff ratio and the well planned days.

You asked us to reflect on your website:

  • The website is clear, we can find the most important information and it is good as is.
  • You could mention the weekly reports (which really had value for us).
  • We appreciated that the kindergarten is located in a very nice neighbourhood.
  • An overview with photo's of the aunties and their names would have been helpful (especially for Pybe, Stellan's dad, who didn't come that often).
  • For us the ability to have a short term placement was very valuable and we noticed that some other kindergartens advertized this option.

Best regards,

Pybe Faber and Dorien Kersten (and Stellan)