Czech Class for Foreign Children

PONNY KIDS has been working with foreign families for a long time. If a family decides to stay in the Czech Republic they often choose a Czech primary school for their children. Therefore in order for a child to enter the Czech first grade it is important that he/she has a good command of the Czech language in all areas – listening comprehension, carrying out a task according to instructions, correct pronunciation of all sounds, narration, description of a picture.

PONNY KIDS offers foreign parents a specialized Czech class which is focused precisely on preparation for successfully handling the admission process to Czech Elementary schools.

The children have preschool training every day where they improve in all areas of school maturity (maturity of visual perception, maturity of auditory perception, reasoning abilities, memory, speech, graphomotor skills, laterality, emotional maturity, work maturity, motivation). Regularly every week the children have an individual lesson of Czech speech therapy.

The educational program includes sports (tennis, gymnastics, swimming) which develop children in the areas of gross motor skills, teamwork, motivation and concentration. The program is complemented by an art and music club.

The teachers who work with the children are qualified in the field of preschool pedagogy.

PONNY KIDS has excellent results in preparing children for elementary school.

The class capacity is 10 children