Happy Parent Guide


Sluníčko If you have decided it is the right time for your child to discover a new world and friends at preschool, then it's very clever to have a chat with your kid about it.

The first saying goodbyes at preschool is usually more difficult for parents. However, the child can feel your uncertainty very quickly and will not allow you to leave. The longer the goodbyes take, the greater stress it is for the child. It should be very short with a bye-bye kiss and agreement that you will come again in the afternoon. Definitely do not try to escape "discreetly". The child perceives it as a real abandonment and his/her adaptation at preschool will not be easy. Also do not stay with the child for an hour, two, twenty minutes, etc. The child understands it as a fact you belong to preschool and during your subsequent leaving everything will be even worse.

If you are a parent who is sure of himself/herself, the adaptation of your child will not be a problem.


Děti PONNY offers a comprehensive educational program in which the activities follow those from the previous day. If the child attends the preschool i.e. 2 days a week, he/she is not capable to get involved gradually and naturally into all training activities. He/she begins to be absent-minded, inattentive, does not understand what's going on, and consequently will require attention only for himself/herself.

The adaptation at preschool is then more difficult, this time also for the teachers because they have to repeat activities from the beginning and cannot continue with the scheduled program.


Panenka It is really important to arrive no later than 9.00 am.

The kids get ready to leave for gymnastics, tennis, swimming lessons. Also in the morning the NTC method and methodical games in English take place. As a parent you will definitely need to see the results and progress of your child development and this unfortunately will fail if you bring your child into the preschool irregularly or only for lunch.


SlunečniceNo later than at 6.00 pm. The teachers have their own evening plans and it is very unpleasant if they have to cancel them. However, if you need babysitting after 6.00 pm it is possible to agree this in advance for an extra charge of 150 CZK per an hour.

On the other hand whether you take your child home immediately after lunch, the child misses the afternoon activities which are aimed to complement the total educational program. And remember that you as a parent want to see the results of all the education.


PanáčekParents cooperation is absolutely necessary. The child has habits that you teach him/her at home. Or you may not teach him/her, however, as a parent you are the only model of behavior and rules for your child.

Even if you love your child endlessly, you are the one who determines the boundaries and rules. In case of problem behavior the cooperation between the preschool and parents is important. The agreed rules are not valid only at preschool they must be applied at home as well.

You should be aware of the fact that the kids are very smart and clever and they comprehend very quickly that their rage, crying or desperate look will force you to satisfy their wishes even if you know in the depth of your heart it should not be like that.


SluníčkoYou have chosen an English nursery for your child and you expect he/she will speak English very soon. However, it is the same as for the native language of a child from his/her birth. You talk to your kid from the very be ginning, first he/she only understands, later tries words and finally actually begins to talk.

Two factors affect how quickly a child acquires English language. The first one in which year the child starts attending the preschool. The sooner, the faster he/she will speak. And the second one is how often the child stays at the preschool, whether the whole week or just two days a week.

Usually a child understands English language within one to four months and begins to speak after one year stay at the preschool.


HolčičkaIt happens from time to time there is a child who does not eat either snack or lunch at the preschool. The teacher desperately tries to convince him/her but in vain. Later in the afternoon his/her mummy comes and gives him/her biscuits having prepared French fries in the car. And the other day the teacher again in vain and desperate explains the child that everything on the plate is very healthy, delicious and full of vitamins.

Do you also give your baby food in the car? Is it really necessary to get used to having breakfast and snacks in the car? Have you ever imagined that a piece of the food can go down the wrong way and you will stop your car in 20 seconds?


ZvířataA parent, of course, can have a look at all the activities that PONNY offers. However, your frequent participation at the preschool disrupts work with the children. Your child will focus on you, disturb, try to attract your attention and will behave in a completely different way than if he/she must rely only on himself/herself.

What is worse the other kids are confused and do not understand why their mummy or daddy are not there and consequently will begin to require their presence.


HolčičkaAny physical activity is so natural need of a body and mainly at preschool age significantly affects child brain development. Any sport or exercise enables to create connections in the cerebellum which are so crucial for correct school phonemic awareness and learning vocabulary, which in turn leads to better learning skills such as writing and reading. Writing requires a fluidity of movement, coordination and arrangement of the automation which means the activities that are controlled by the cerebellum.

It is important to support a child in sports activities, not let him/her laze. At PONNY we see sport as an essential part of overall development of a child. We will really appreciate if parents will pull together.


Strom a sluníčkoIf you have any objections or comments regarding matters at PONNY then believe it is much more efficient to share them with the headmaster rather than other parents.

If the headmaster learns there is a problem she has a chance to solve it.


SluníčkoYour payment of tuition fees in time allows us to cover all obligations towards employees and suppliers without unnecessary reminders.

Then all are happy to work with enthusiasm. Please keep the payment terms according to our agreement.