Lakšmanna company provides us with the whole day nourishment. Lakšmanna more than 10 years deals with the development and production of healthy food whose basic raw materials are in BIO quality.

The kids are offered nontraditional but tempting form of food. They really love original Lakšmanna millet grains on butter with homemade strawberry sauce and homemade cream of Belgian chocolate. As well as homemade spelt dumplings, homemade gnocchi, grilled polenta etc. are of a great success.


  • We place an emphasis on high-quality raw materials, a bulk of it is in BIO quality
  • We don't use any substitutes, preparations in feeding stuffs, etc.
  • Each lunch has a complete composition, not only rich but also easily digestible, which is important for an absorption of nutrients
  • We use the whole cereal grains, i.e. BIO semi-peeled rice, millet grains, bulgur, barley
  • A part of our diet are substances that stimulate natural immunity as it is Japanese Ume-vinegar, seaweed, Japanese Miso paste, real soy sauce Tamari without glutamate, homemade pickles
  • To sweeten we use largely organic rice syrup or sugar cane
  • A milk component is presented by a Greek yoghurt, curd cheese or our own manufactured rice-based cream, millet grains cream and cottage cheese
  • We do not use genetically modified raw materials
  • We try as far as possible to use only raw materials from the Czech Republic. We are very strict in this mainly with meat which we take only from a local provenance, except for fish.