NTC Method

Kreativní činnosti

NTC method is supported by MENSA CZ in the Czech Republic. This method helps to identify gifted children and offers activities that develop an intellect capacity of all children. It is based on the fact that the inteligence is not given by a number of brain cells but by a number of synapses created among the cells. A great number of these brain cells connections are created just at the age of 3-7 years. And consequently in further periods of life one derives from the foundations he or she built in the child age.

All the program places an emphasis on the activities such as soft motor activities, balance exercises, regular rotations around one´s own axis which support lymph flowing and better cooperation between right and left brain hemispheres, helps to stimulate brain centers of associative and logic thinking, works with puzzles, riddles and enigma questions, stimulates creative thinking and also use music and art in its work.

It is a system of learning the child via games and exercies that are built on real scientific proves that show it is possible to increase the brain efficiency in the child age. The research also poitns out the fact that the child brain builds 75% of all the brain cells connections just till the age of 7 years (50% till the age of five).

This fact seems to be demonstratable and provable enough for us to devote a remarkable attention to preschool age activities, learning efficiency and child memory. It is neccesary to realize that primary and secondary education could increase only 25% of our brain capacity. And that is why it is more than important to support and develop the brain capacity in the preschool age.

NTC method at PONNY means:

  • balance and rotation exercies
  • gymnastics, tennis and swimming
  • flags, symbols, car names, states, cities
  • projects
  • a club of logistics games

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