Pre-school Preparation And Speech Therapy

PONNY pre-school training is every day after lunch and short rest time and includes:

  • Writing, drawing, coloring activities
  • Cognition of letters, numbers, counting
  • Reading, story-telling, coming up with different ends of the story, questions to story
  • Correct pronunciation drill

Předškolní příprava


Regarding the speech development we can say that at the age of 7 years the speech should be fully and correctly developed. Just at preschool we have enough space to practise correctly all phones. We have the speech therapy regularly once a week at PONNY.

We always emphasise that a cooperation with parents is very important. They shoudl speak correctly to thein children, read fairy-tales, tell stories and explain all unknown vocabulary.

You can find photos and short video of the speech therapy on PONNY Facebook.