Our Team

Mgr. Martina Drtílková MBA

A methodist for gifted children development
A member of National Institute for Education

Martin Drtílková graduated the Faculty of Pedagogy, Masaryk University, English language and Mathematics. She also graduated a study of strategy management at B.I.B.S., Nottingham Trent University.

She reinforced English language during several work stays abroad. She taught kids at an elementary school, led methodological courses for teachers of foreign languages and prepared students for Cambridge International exams. Martina found PONNY preschool in 2001 and since then she has been dealing with learning disorders prevention, child complex development at the pre-school age and an influence of movement and diet on kids´ brain development.

She participates in many conferences, methodological and professional trainings which are focused on development of preschool children in both physical and mental fields.


"We are responsible not only for what we do but also for what we do not do." (Moliére)

Tereza Trávníková


I graduated from the grammar school in Hodonín and I am going to study a long distance programme of pre-school pedagogy. I have lots of experience with children as a trainer of aerobic and also as a tutor of Czech and English language for social disabled children. Kids say I am kind, funny and I can draw and dance nicely. Besides this I also enjoy practising yoga and meditation and I try to play a mouth harp and flute. I want to show kids the world of love, peace and kindness because I think children are our future and that is the future I wish.

Mgr. Veronika Merendová


I studied teaching of Czech language and literature at Masaryk University. Also, I graduated from high school of preschool education. After my university studies, I worked as a teacher of Czech language at primary school where I was employed as a pedagogic assistant, too. Besides, I tutored children of all ages and worked for non-profit organizations. During my working visits to France and Ireland I improved my English and French. Besides that, I gained new childcare experience as an au-pair. I passed a healthcare training for working with children. I love travelling, sewing, reading books and playing the djembe.


Mgr. Klára Ambrožová

After finishing high school, I studied English at language school. Then I graduated from teaching of Russian language and literature at Masaryk University at Faculty of Arts. During my studies I taught Russian at high schools in Brno. Also, I tutored students in Russian individually. Working with preschool children is really interesting for me. Their search for knowledge and desire to learning mean motivation to me. My hobbies are cooking, reading books and sports. I like going to the theatre and concerts. Currently, I’m studying preschool education.

Hana Kopečková, DiS.

I graduated from the Business Academy, Librarian Professional College and Higher Vocational College in Brno, specializing in Social Work. Then I took an opportunity to broaden my educational horizons and I studied a pedagogical minimum of free-time pedagogy. I have been working with children for nine years. Thanks to my need to keep learning in practice, I have been a volunteer, employee or trainee in a wide range of organizations targeting children from state institutions to non-profit organizations and the private sector. I am also a passionate athlete who loves nature and unforgettable expeditions and experiences. Climbing is my philosophy of life and my passion. Currently, I’m studying preschool education.

„If your I says no ... Be bigger than your I.“
(Ch. Brontë)


Mgr. Olga Kubějová

Speech therapy expert

Auntie Olga oversees correct pronunciation with the children, she leads regular practice exercises and supplies the parents and their children with sheets of vocabulary and poems for home practice. If the parents are interested, they can arrange an individual meeting and discuss with her everything they need to know (in the area of development of the speech).


"Rhetoric is the centrepiece of the spirit."

Mgr. Karla Večeřová

Nutrition and Locomotion Expert

I graduated from Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno in the field of Nutrition. I have been working as an instructor of locomotion for infants and toddlers for 10 years and then I have 15 years experience as a nutrition therapist. I cooperate with Brno Bohunice Hospital on program IBD inflammations. Since 2012 I´ve been focusing on food for infants and toddlers. I also cooperate with CRSP Brno as the main Methodist of locomotion care for infants and toddlers. I also work with Cloud9Institut in section of Nutrition, Mind and Identity NUMID as a consultant for business partners. At Ponny preschool you can ask me any question about healthy eating and locomotion both for you and your children.